The origin of our family of wines, which grows in harmony with the environment, and that we responsibly protect through sustainable practices, respecting and interacting with the Casas del Bosque ecosystem located in our estate on the Las Dichas side of Casablanca Valley.


Our vineyard is certified, and we work with eco-responsible, modern viticulture methods looking to obtain high quality grapes that give life to authentic wines, with character and environmental conscience.

Wines that proudly represent the place where they are born.


Casas del Bosque has a rich ecosystem that reunites all the living beings that inhabit and coexist in our farm and vineyard. We have taken care of incorporating diverse species that interact directly and indirectly among them, and also with the native species of the estate.

Biodiversity has a unique value and is an essential part of our patrimony. We strive to conserve and preserve the stability of the ecosystems.


Our winemaking vision is based around the concept of wines that faithfully represent the site where they are born. We strive to give continuity to the philosophy of the vineyard into the cellar by practicing environmental responsibility. Our wines are made in a conscious way: they are all vegan friendly and we have also migrated our production into sustainable protocols.

We have a line of wines denominated “Botanic” which represent the most characteristic varieties of Casas del Bosque, and have been elaborated with the least possible intervention.

The cellar has an architectural design that contemplates energetic efficiency through the use of skylights and roof windows that help reduce electric consumption and ventilation.

A strict protocol ensures the correct manipulation of all the products of the vineyard, cellar and restaurant. We separate unusued materials, recycle and compost. Glass remnants are with drawn by the same company that produces it, and dangerous waste is managed by certified external companies.

All our labels are made using certified, biodegradable inks, while most of our wines use lightweight, ecoglass bottles. All our cardboard cases are recyclable.

All our Environmental Declarations are up to date and compliant with the Ministry of the Environment´s regulations.

Extended Producer´s Responsibility Law (R.E.P): We are committed with the goal of recovery and valorization, as well as with the compliance of the current regulations through regular trainings.


We are leaders in wine tourism and today we are certified in sustainable tourism. We share with our visitors our philosophy of an integrated ecosystem.

Casas del Bosque invites everyone to explore our environment, and our programs incorporate visits to the most emblematic places of our vineyard, fomenting the contact with nature. We share and teach about our sustainable practices in the fields, vineyard and cellar.

Among the different experiences there are bike tours, pic-nic tables at the Los Olivos dam to enjoy the flora and fauna, and bird watching among many others, always inviting to contemplate and respect our animals and birds.

Casa Mirador is another place built with a sustainable architecture, and has a panoramic view of the vineyard, its biological corridors and the coastal mountain range. You can even appreciate the breezes coming from the Pacific Ocean.

It is in this place surrounded by nature that we teach about our native species, and we pay a special tribute to our centennial Espino tree, which is our main Brand Ambassador.

Our cuisine and gastronomic proposal at Tanino, Bo Bar and Casa Mirador makes use of sustainable practices as we privilege local producers for most of our preparations.


Water has always been a precious resource, and for years we have strived to develop a water conservation plan that drives hydric efficiency and conscious use of it by our team.

At the vineyard we have an efficient, technified drip irrigation system that feeds on subterranean wells that fill our dams. Most of them are covered with waterbags so as to reduce loss by evaporation, especially during the hot summer months. These waterbags also keep the water clean, ensuring each plant recieves optimal hydration.

We have a differentiated irrigation program that is monitored daily according to weather conditions, soil humidity, time of the year and needs of each plant. Every block, depending on the variety, is optimally managed in order to produce quality grapes. We have daily consumption readings based on measurers and flowmeters.

We constantly train our winemaking, production and wine tourism staff so that efficiency is sought in every process. During harvest, where traditionally water consumption spikes, we have water usage goals that have helped use reduce consumption. There is a strict protocol involving the use of water guns to wash barrels, and all the water used at the facility is treated and reused to irrigate our gardens.

Green areas around the estate have drip irrigation systems and low consumption plants. Our gardens privilege the use of low consumption species and a limited use of grass.


We are commited to the protection of our surroundings with the help of our colaborators as well as every human group we interact with. We are constantly looking into ways to develop a production facility that is efficient, sustainable and inclusive. This commitment is present in everything we do as we understand that our activities need to be sustainable over time, contributing to the development of our country and the well being of current and future generations.

We permanently train our collaborators in different areas, from sustainability to responsible alcohol consumption.

We actively participate year after year on every activity conducted by the Casablanca Viticultural Association, promoting the wine production of the valley as well as the wine tourism in the area.

Education and Liguria Foundation

For the family, education has a great value, being a vital engine for development, collaborating to reduce poverty.  It reduces social gaps and contributes to gender equality. We relate to the community through actions in schools and high schools, such as the Liceo Bicentenario Municipal Manuel de Salas, where we support learning, personal and professional development, internship opportunities, guided tours, training programs and sustainability talks. Since 2020 we are part of the board of directors of Consejo Asesor Empresarial (CAE) that seeks to support students in labor inclusion in different companies in the commune of Casablanca.

Through Fundación Liguria, owned by the Cuneo family, we have been working since 2019 in comprehensive early childhood development programs, with an important commitment in the Casablanca commune, seeking to maximize the development of its children from the first years of life. Liguria provides financial and technical support for projects to strengthen the quality of early education. The following programs have been implemented: Familias Power, Criando y Creciendo, Fundación Oportunidad Assistance Program and Crecer con Palabras, among others. The last program of Fundación Liguria, aims to promote the development of oral language in preschool children through shared reading. During these years, 356 children have been accompanied.


- We are certified sustainable by Wines of Chile´s Sustainability Code, with a committment to plan, implement and maintain an integrated management system aimed at achieving a sustainable wine production.

- Reduce eventual impacts on the environment caused by the production process.

- Overview the relationships of our workers at the company under a Code of Ethics.

- Optimize the communications with our customers and suppliers, as well as the surrounding communities.

- Pesticide Residue Free certification.

- Vegan Friendly certification.

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