La Viña

Our Cuneo family, of Italian roots, founded Casas del Bosque in 1993, in this beautiful place in the Casablanca Valley, 70 kilometers from Santiago, the capital of Chile, and 40 kilometers from the port of Valparaiso (UNESCO World Heritage Site). A pre-coastal valley, located in the coastal plain of the region, 18kms. in a straight line from the sea, in Las Dichas sector where we gave life to this wonderful project.


The large and ancient forests of pine and olive trees, and small white adobe houses, gave rise to the name "Casas del Bosque" (Forest Houses).

Today we have a single vineyard of 189 hectares, dedicated exclusively to the production of cool climate varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Malbec and Cabernet Franc. Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere which come from carefully managed vineyards in Maipo, Colchagua and Cachapoal.

We produce 1.3 million bottles of wine, mainly made with grapes from our vineyard, exporting to more than fifty markets around the world, with a significant forty percent sold in the local market.

Our soils are of volcanic origin and were formed 110 million years ago under the Pacific Ocean and are its main asset. Composed of shallow red clay over decomposed granite substrate, they give the wines a unique flavor, characteristic of sea salt.

Over the years we have become one of the most prestigious wineries in the Casablanca Valley and had become an important reference for ChiIe of it’s wide variety of wines and tourism. We receive thousands of tourists every months and we are always innovating to offer our visitors a unique experience. Our Tanino restaurant was chosen as one of the best gastronomies by the Canadian magazine Wine Access. We had been repeatedly ranked as one of the best vineyards to visit in the world by The World Best Vineyards.


The constant search for excellence is defined as a fundamental pillar of our philosophy. Each one of our professionals share the passion of producing wines of the highest quality, that reflects the place where they born. We work with dedication so that each wine is the best exponent that reaches your table as a best example of a unique terroir that combines the optimal conditions of soil, climate and eco-responsible management of our viticulture. Our wines are made with love and pride, are wines with character and unique typicity from our certified sustainable vineyards with the commitment and respect for our environment, biodiversity and all the actors that inhabit in it, reducing our impact on the environment.

In viticulture we have the most advanced technology, using excellent inputs. We have always worked hard in the purification of our vines and applied a strict control in the production and work in the vineyard, always giving priority to quality. For many years, the main manager of this vineyard, Juan Cúneo Solari, son of Italian immigrants, lived with the illusion of having his own vineyards to produce wines of the best quality. Finally, in 1993, Casas del Bosque was founded in the Casablanca Valley.

It was one of the first to exploit this area, which today has acquired a great boom and has become one of the few family vineyards in the valley.


To produce wines of the highest quality, always seeking excellence and to be a reference in modern sustainable viticulture with a focus on cold climate in the Casablanca Valley. To work motivated by passion and love for what we do, valuing the commitment of our team, taking advantage of all existing technology and respecting our terroir.


To be a reference in the production of high quality sustainable wines in the international wine industry with emphasis on cold climate wines from Casablanca, contributing to the image of Chile, leading wine tourism and obtaining the recognition and preference of consumers in Chile and the world.







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