Sauvignon Blanc

Casablanca Valley

One of Chile's most awarded Sauvignon Blancs. 

 The Casablanca Valley was the cradle of this very emblematic variety, positioning itself as a premium quality valley in the production of cool climate wines, being only 18km from the Pacific Ocean. 



It is recommended to accompany lean fish in citric preparations, such as ceviche. Green leafy salads with arugula and fresh cheeses with citric dresing.


Ideally between 5 and 7ºC


Ideal to be consumed within the first 2 years.


A vintage that can be defined as warm, with a sunny summer and water shortage and then a cooler beginning of autumn, was reflected in a riper aromatic profile, with more complex notes that go beyond the mere thiol expression. The latter will always appear, and are characteristic of our vineyard located in the coolest sector of the Casablanca Valley, called Las Dichas. However, in this vintage the aromatic compounds of thiol origin (passion fruit, grapefruit, currant, cassis) are accompanied and complemented by subtle notes of fig, apple blossom, pineapple and melon. A more terpenic aromatic layer is not lacking, with elegant citrus notes. As the wine diffuses on the palate, the acidic sensation stands out, important but pleasant. This is the structure of the wine, which then fills the palate, with good length and a clean, precise finish. The flavors match the aromas, and show themselves wrapped in the acidic structure.


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