Casa Mirador

Casa Mirador is located in the most emblematic place of the vineyard, with a privileged view, on a small hill in the center of the vineyard crowned by an ancient and solitary Hawthorn tree, which, bent by the wind from the coast, dominates the valley with its presence and is a faithful witness to the growth of each of our vines.


A eight course menu created by our chefs together with our winemakers, give way to a fascinating gastronomic experience, where each preparation has been created for each of the chosen wines, thus achieving a perfect pairing with the most emblematic varieties of the winery and with our icon wine, La Trampa. 

eight course menu is a tasting menu that allows the visitor not only to be fascinated by the gastronomy, but also by a magical place at the top of the hill. This place is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful corners of the valley with a privileged view, where you can feel the sea breezes coming from the Pacific Ocean. A centennial “Espino” tree is a faithful companion throughout your stay. 

Casa Mirador is a collection of sensations united by an atmosphere of contemplation and tranquility. Each space is of absolute admiration.

Booking: Open on weekends – Lunch Time.
Reservations: 48 hrs. de anticipación. 
Phone: (56-2) 2480 6946 / (56-9) 6669 6529 

Private events available during the week.



The challenge of building Casa Mirador, in this place loaded with meaning for Casas del Bosque, required an architecture capable of transmitting, on the one hand, a sense of permanence, as if the work had been in this place centuries ago, but at the same time, with a contemporary architecture of the latest generation.

We wanted Casa Mirador to be a collection of sensations united by an atmosphere of contemplation and tranquility. Each space is one of absolute admiration.

Upon arriving at El Mirador, a centennial hawthorn tree welcomes each visitor, accompanied from the back by a 10-meter long window. Before entering Casa Mirador, we find a terrace overlooking the vines. From here you can feel the soft murmur of the water flowing in the access courtyard. The space is solemn and peaceful.

A path of flowers and stones delimits the nearby landscape. The only distinguishable forms are three geometric constructions that make their way through the flowers. The Access Courtyard is narrow, high walls cut the sky with their geometry and a veil of water wets a sculptural block of black concrete.


Upon entering the house, we find the Bar, an introverted and elegant place. A large 6 meter long window frames a landscape view of the valley. A large black wooden furniture offers support to the space.

A rustic mañío gate leads to the Dining Room; an illuminated and ambiguous enclosure with an outdoor vocation. To the north, the large window and the pointed slab define with extreme care the limit of the work.

A 6 meter long cypress wood dining table with its 6 meter long rib structure rests next to this window, privileging at all times the breathtaking view of the Valley.

Behind a large black wooden cabinet another window separates the kitchen, which due to the slope of the land has been semi-buried, enjoying a unique view of the vines from below.

From the Dining Room a gate identical to the previous one communicates with the Quincho, a walled patio with an olive tree in the center. A square window frames the view of the vineyard.


Our criterion is based on the one hand on the nobility and expression of the materials and on the other hand on the dialogue and contrast between the different objects".

Each of the furniture and objects was carefully selected in order to complete the casual and cozy, yet elegant and solemn experience.

One of the most striking features is the 20-foot-long cypress table, designed especially for the site from salvaged wood.


Casa Mirador is a 100% sustainable project. Its design was based on 3 fundamental principles; photovoltaic energy generation, passive ventilation systems and ecological air conditioning and water reuse.

The photovoltaic system, designed and implemented by iEnergia, consists of a set of 15 photosensitive panels that simultaneously transfer energy to 12 deep-cycle batteries through 3 inverters.

The lighting system was designed to minimize energy use as well.

The passive air conditioning requirements were conditioning factors for the architectural design in terms of orientation -both with respect to the sun and to the prevailing winds- in order to control indoor thermal comfort by using both sources of natural energy.

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