At Viña Casas del Bosque, every process that conforms to the winemaking of our wines are guided by a series of sustainable practices towards our surrounding environment as well as our community, complying with the current regulations but also adapting our way of working aiming for a continuous improvement.

Our Vineyard


Casas del Bosque has a total of 189 hectares planted, of which 183 are currently in full production. From pure vines, produced and selected over the years, our varieties are distributed in:


PINOT NOIR 51,78hc


SYRAH 16,15hc


MALBEC 0,45hc


and Biodiversity


In order to reach a responsible use of our resources while respecting the environment, we carry out a series of sustainable practices, such as:

- Increased water use efficiency by means of moisture probes and moisture measurement through stomatal pressure of grapevine leaves.

- Control of pests, diseases and weeds using the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy.

- Biological corridors: we conserve biodiversity with inter-row crops that provide us with organic matter, help us conserve humidity and improve the structure of our soils, preventing erosion and soil compaction.



- Sustainable architectural design that promotes energy efficiency through the conversion of lighting to LED, skylights and large windows, as well as greater water efficiency by classifying and separating the different water types that circulate through the cellar.

- Waste Management: we provide a protocol for the proper handling of every type of waste generated at the vineyard and cellar; we classify and separate the disused materials, also applying recycling and composting.

- Recycling of all sortable materials, which are removed by the City Council as part of their recycling program. Glass is collected by the same manufacturing company.

- Labels printed with certified biodegradable inks.



We hold a strong commitment in caring for the environment, our workers and with all of those human groups with which we interact. This is why we constantly search for new ways of achieving a more sustainable, efficient and inclusive production. This commitment also shines a light in every action we take, in the understanding that our activities must always ensure sustainable development overtime, always contributing significantly to our country’s development and the well-being of present and future generations.

The commitment to our community is reflected in:

- Constant personnel training.

- Support to various charity foundations and institutions: Fundación Chilena para la Adopción, Fundación ANSPAC y Fundación Desafío Levantemos Chile.

Responsible Use


The management, use and care of water is carried out under extremely precise measurements and controls in each of the production processes -from the vineyard to its subsequent reuse- to achieve the maximum possible water efficiency:

- All our vineyards have a modern drip irrigation system, which is supplied with water from subway wells. Depending on the variety, soil type and microclimate, a differentiated management system is established for each block. In the case of red wines, irrigation is controlled, delivering just enough water to obtain small, thick-skinned berries, seeking greater concentration of aromas and flavors.

- We have covered dams to prevent evaporation and keep our water clean.


- Pesticides free.

- Vegan.

- Sustainability Code given by Wines of Chile: by subscribing to this code we are challenged to:

- Plan, carry out and maintain an integrated management system seeking to achieve a sustainable wine production.

- Reduce potential environmental impact that could eventually happen during the winemaking process.

- Guide the relationship among our workers sheltered by a Code of Ethics.

- Fine-tune our communications with our clients and suppliers, as well as all nearby communities.

- Constantly correct and improve our management and performance.

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