Responsible Use


The management, use and care of water is carried out under extremely precise measurements and controls in each of the production processes -from the vineyard to its subsequent reuse- to achieve the maximum possible water efficiency:

- All our vineyards have a modern drip irrigation system, which is supplied with water from subway wells. Depending on the variety, soil type and microclimate, a differentiated management system is established for each block. In the case of red wines, irrigation is controlled, delivering just enough water to obtain small, thick-skinned berries, seeking greater concentration of aromas and flavors.

- We have covered dams to prevent evaporation and keep our water clean.

- We monitor daily all the water used by the different productive areas, seeking maximum water efficiency, by means of daily consumption indicators with meters and flow meters.

- Process of reusing water from the production area, in which all the water used for washing and rinsing bottles is reused for irrigating the gardens.

- RILES Water Treatment Plant: reuse of water to irrigate pastures and reincorporate it to the different water tables.

- Wastewater treatment plant: reuse of water for garden irrigation.

- All water consumed is reused in bottling and labeling, accumulating in ponds together with rainwater.

- Training and washing protocols to manage the saving of this resource in all production areas.

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