At Casas del Bosque we are strongly committed to caring for the environment, our workers, and all the human groups with which we interact. For this reason, we are constantly looking for new ways to make our production more efficient, sustainable and inclusive. This commitment is also present in everything we do, understanding that our activities must always ensure sustainable development over time, always contributing significantly to the development of our country and the welfare of current and future generations.

Our commitment to our community is materialized through different actions:

- Ongoing staff training.

- Collaboration focused on a specific group of the community, in this case the Liceo Bicentenario Municipal Manuel de Salas, with which we have a high corporate social commitment supporting learning opportunities, personal and professional development through various actions: internship opportunities for its students in the areas of administration and electricity; guided visits throughout the year for students in 3rd and 4th grade to learn about the winery as a work induction; training programs; and talks given by our employees on sustainability, environment, transparency in the use of water and motivational talks.

- Since 2020, we have been part of the Board of Directors of the Business Advisory Council (CAE), which seeks to support students in their inclusion in the labor market in different companies in the Casablanca community.

- 95% of the winery's employees live in the area.

- Active participation in all activities organized by the Casablanca Valley Winegrowers Association, such as the Casablanca Harvest Festival held every year.

- Support to various foundations and institutions: Fundación Chilena para la Adopción, Fundación ANSPAC and Fundación Desafío Levantemos Chile.

- From the concern of the Cúneo family to keep alive the commitment to the society in which we live and thus give meaning to the family heritage, Fundación Liguria was born in 2018. Faithful believers that education is fundamental to achieve success, the Foundation seeks to deliver opportunities and tools to generate environments conducive to comprehensive development from early childhood, so as to reduce social gaps in Chile.

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