Organic Orchard

A unique space where we grow and produce healthy, fresh and sustainable food. 

These crops "from the garden to your table" will be the protagonists of our Chef's creations, produced respecting and caring for the environment.

Our wooden planters were developed together with the social startup “Sin Barrotes”, which provides a second chance to people deprived of liberty. We grow vegetables, herbs, spices and edible flowers. We produce small leaves, roots and tall crops in 11 plots that are rotated during the different seasons of the year. A greenhouse allows us to grow vegetables out of season and to protect the crops from frosts typical of our cold climate valley.Biological banks are our main care and pest control agents.Plants and flowers of low water consumption help us to increase biodiversity, attracting insects such as butterflies, ladybugs and bees.

Designed for our visitors and their families. A space to learn about nature.

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