New wine tourism initiative in Casablanca: "Now it's your turn".

In Casas del Bosque

- The winery, once again chosen among the 50 best in the world by World's Best Vineyards, creates an exclusive benefits club for its tourism partners

- In a meeting with members of the industry, they expressed their marked optimism for the reactivation of tourism in the sector, after the long period of restrictions following the pandemic.

Viña Casas del Bosque offered an entertaining experience to the main travel agents, tour operators, carriers and independent guides of Santiago and the Valparaíso Region, to thank them for their preference and celebrate the reactivation of tourism in the country.

Nicolás Reyes, Manager of Vinos Turismo y Gastronomía, welcomed more than 150 guests on the winery's terrace and called on them to celebrate the return to more normal times after the pandemic, saying: "Now it's your turn! Just as you go out of your way to serve your passengers, today we want to serve you so that you can live the experience just as you do with your clients in our winery".

Under its slogan "we cook for our wines", it offered the attendees delicious preparations in perfect pairing with some of its most awarded cold climate varieties, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Syrah and Pinot Noir. To further enhance the evening, Antonella Sigala, the singer who will be the opening act on Michael Bublé's upcoming visit to Chile, and "Nada Personal", the Chilean Soda Stereo tribute band, made even the most reluctant dancers dance.

The first version was held in 2018 with the idea that it would be an annual event of enjoyment, but it was truncated with the restrictions of the pandemic and the beginning of a long crisis for tourism. Today this reunion seeks to leave behind those gray days and open the doors to a rapid reactivation that is already beginning to be felt with much optimism.

One of the most enthusiastic guests was Francisco Godoy, general manager of the Regional Tourism Corporation of the Valparaíso Region, who applauded initiatives such as these, stressing that "the easing of sanitary measures has allowed people to get together again, to be in contact with nature, to go out. International tourism has also been boosted, especially Brazilians who are passionate visitors to the vineyards. We are in a very favorable scenario," he concluded.


During his speech, Nicolás Reyes took the opportunity to highlight that Casas del Bosque was once again awarded by World's Best Vineyards as one of the 50 best wineries in the world, along with four other Chilean wineries, in a ceremony held recently at Zuccardi winery, near Mendoza.

The England-based organization annually reveals the 50 best vineyard experiences, evaluating the best places that generate wine experiences to taste excellent wines and learn about winemaking and grape growing. It also considers other aspects such as great views, restaurants and places to stay.

The 2020 list spanned five continents and 18 countries, with 17 new names. The diversity of the Top 50 is enormous and includes notable wineries with modern architectural marvels, ancient UNESCO-protected wineries, Michelin-starred restaurants and small family-owned wineries where the owners conduct tours.

The executive, together with the winery's team, invited those present to join Casas del Bosque's new "Wine Tour Club", which will offer its members attractive incentives, bonuses and courtesies, as well as preferential access to information on new experiences offered by the winery.


Casas del Bosque -established in 1993 by the Cuneo Solari family- is a boutique winery whose vineyards grow in harmony with the environment, which is protected in a responsible manner, with sustainable practices respecting and interacting with the ecosystem of its fields in the area of Las Dichas in the Casablanca Valley.

Both the winery and vineyard and recently the tourism area have been certified as sustainable by Wine of Chile, working with eco-responsible methods of modern viticulture to obtain high quality grapes that give life to authentic wines, with character and environmental awareness.

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