Our winemaking vision is based around the concept of wines that faithfully represent the site where they are born. We strive to give continuity to the philosophy of the vineyard into the cellar by practicing environmental responsibility. Our wines are made in a conscious way: they are all vegan friendly and we have also migrated our production into sustainable protocols.

We have a line of wines denominated “Botanic” which represent the most characteristic varieties of Casas del Bosque, and have been elaborated with the least possible intervention.

The cellar has an architectural design that contemplates energetic efficiency through the use of skylights and roof windows that help reduce electric consumption and ventilation.

A strict protocol ensures the correct manipulation of all the products of the vineyard, cellar and restaurant. We separate unusued materials, recycle and compost. Glass remnants are with drawn by the same company that produces it, and dangerous waste is managed by certified external companies.

All our labels are made using certified, biodegradable inks, while most of our wines use lightweight, ecoglass bottles. All our cardboard cases are recyclable.

All our Environmental Declarations are up to date and compliant with the Ministry of the Environment´s regulations.

Extended Producer´s Responsibility Law (R.E.P): We are committed with the goal of recovery and valorization, as well as with the compliance of the current regulations through regular trainings.

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