Casa Mirador

“We wanted Casa Mirador to be a sensory experience brought together by atmosphere of contemplation and tranquility. Each space reflects an absolute admiration for the setting.”

On arrival to El Mirador, a centenary old hawthorn welcomes each visitor. Behind it a large glass panel window 10 m in length. Before entering, Casa Mirador is a terrace with a balcony overlooking the vines. From here feel the gentle sound of water bubbling in the courtyard entrance. The space is solemn and quiet.

A border of flowers and stones separates the house from the landscape nearby. The only distinguishable forms are three geometric constructions that make their way between the flowers. The Courtyard entrance is narrow, high walls cut the sky with their geometry and a water veil wets a sculptural block of black concrete.

When entering the house, we find the bar, an understated and elegant place. One large window of 6 m long frames a landscape view of the valley. A big black wooden cabinet provides support to the space.

A rustic mañío door leads to the dining room; a light enclosure barely separated from the exterior. To the north, the large window and cement floor define the limits of the house.

A wooden cypress dining table with its ribbed structure of 6 m long rests beside this large window, favoring at all times the amazing view of the valley.

Behind a big black wooden cabinet is another large window that separates the kitchen, which from the slope of the terrain has been half buried, enjoying a unique view of the vines from below.

From the dining room an identical door to the previous one communicates with the barbecue area, a courtyard walled with a single olive tree in the middle. The view of the vineyard is framed by a square window.