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Sauvignon Blanc La Cantera 2023
Sauvignon Blanc La Cantera 2023
Sauvignon Blanc La Cantera 2023
Sauvignon Blanc La Cantera 2023

Sauvignon Blanc La Cantera 2023

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Botanic Series -Sauvignon Blanc La Cantera 2021: La Cantera was born with the 2019 vintage and became part of the Botanic Series family. It is a Sauvignon Blanc that comes to represent the maximum aromatic expression of Casablanca as visualized by our winemaking team in conjunction with New Zealand consultant Sam Harrop MW. The grapes come from the "La Cantera" vineyard, planted on a red clay hillside of decomposed granite, facing east, very exposed to the sun and the sea breezes characteristic of the Casablanca Valley. The wine displays a ¨layers of thiols¨ showing the different aromatic faces of this grape variety.

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Ideal to be consumed within the first 2 years.


The idea behind the wine is to create "thiol layers", blending and maximizing thiol expression, so as to easily identify notes of grapefruit combined with passion fruit and boxwood. The cold-stabilization technique allows these aromatic precursors to be released so that they stand out in the wine. The aromatic sensation is defined, pure, pristine and intense. The absence of green notes (methoxypyrazines) is a sign of the warmer vintage than the previous one.

The palate is dominated by citrus and fruity notes, with a vertical and dynamic acidity that gives the sensation of moving across the palate towards the back of the tongue. 

This La Cantera 2022 is an extraordinarily aromatic wine that delivers the true cool-climate expression of our vineyard, located in Las Dichas, the coldest end of the Casablanca Valley. 


It is recommended to be served with fish in citric and tropical preparations such as a tuna tiradito with pickled mustard seeds and passion fruit lemon dressing.

Green leaf salad with sautéed shrimp and mango.



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